How we work

We are a social enterprise dedicated to being a scalable project with demonstrable impact that can be an example of how business and social responsibility really can go hand in hand.


As menstruation is an experience that transcends culture, class and caste, we see an extraordinary opportunity to advance social transformation and ecological awareness through every step of our work.

We seek to create a truly holistic approach to menstruation through integrating ethical business practices, production processes that engage rural women as cloth pad producers and culturally sensitive, life-affirming education about the menstrual experience.

Our hybrid business model enables us to channel income from the commercial sale of our cloth pads towards not-for-profit activities, that bring benefit to as many women and girls as possible from all around the world. Click the link to see our work ‘in action

These not-for-profit activities include:

  • providing menstrual hygiene education and free cloth washable pads to adolescent girls in India through our Pad for Pad programme
  • providing access to cross-subsidised cloth washable pads to women who would be otherwise restricted by cost, through our Pads for Sisters programme
  • training facilitators in how to promote healthy and environmentally sustainable menstrual practices in their community
  • offering advice and consultancy to organisations around the world concerned with sustainable menstrual practices
  • advancing research into menstrual hygiene pedagogy
  • advocating for non-polluting menstrual practices through writing, film making and speaking to groups whenever we can!

Production (stitching of the pads) is taking place in five units: AVAG (Auroville related NGO), Cocoon (Auroville related women’s production unit), Blossoms (Auroville unit), Ektha (Bangalore, women’s producer company) and Clothing Connections (Kiruba unit).

All these units take on other stitching work as well as ours and the women are not directly employed by us. All five units ensure fair wages and safe working environments to the women employed there.

We believe that women generating their own income is a key towards empowerment and greater freedom and development for women in under-served communities.


Scaling up and delivering results

Key to a sucessful social enterprise is getting the balance right between doing social good and creating a business model that generates the revenues needed to sustain not just our commercial work but our not for profit activities. As hybrid business models are still a fairly new development in the business world, we have relied extensively on support to help us strike the right balance and create robust systems to monitor our business growth and evaluate our social impact, making sure that we do deliver results in a cost effective manner.

We would like to express our deepest appreciation to the following organisations who have provided mentorship and training, business consultancy and funding, helping us navigate our way through each stage of our growth. From start up to the stage we are now – poised to scale up and impact communities of women and girls across India ­ we would not be where we are today without you!

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