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“We are an international team of passionate women working together to create the future we dream of. Our work is evenly divided between not for profit activities, like education and research, and commercial activities to market and sell our pads. Volunteers, interns, and ambassadors around the world support the core Eco Femme team.”

Jessamijn (Co-Founder, For-Profit Team Leader) "Never had thought to build a pad emporium, but I love it! Because of a continuous passionate team of women that have shaped it from an idea to what it is right now. Because it enables girls and women to beat waste and have happier bodies. Because the wide spectrum of activities make it rich work; from sourcing to product design, menstrual education and the change that brings to girls, to connecting with environmental warriors that make my heart beat, to commercial terrains which we never imagined we would need to look into (aaaaahh!!), to how I relate to menstruation and myself. Because of new exiting connections yet to make (dreaming of organic cotton farmers). And I am grateful to have Kathy, the constant person through all of this: I love you too."
Kathy (Co-Founder, Not-For-Profit Team Leader) "I personally experienced the shift from disposables to using cloth washable pads in 1999 as revolutionary. I was so excited by this “discovery” that I became somewhat fanatical in my efforts to encourage other women to also make the shift. This passion was further ignited when surrounded by the natural beauty of Auroville which fuelled both my awareness of the preciousness and threats to our earth and a heartfelt wish to preserve its integrity. In 2010 I was blessed to meet Jessamijn and together we co-founded Eco Femme. My focus in Eco Femme is co-ordinating the not for profit work. It gives me immense joy to be part of such an exciting project, working with a passionate and committed team bridging the world with this simple but powerful little product that we believe has the power to transform the planet, one woman, one period at a time."
Sugandha (Pads For Sisters Facilitator) "Ever since I got into the field of sustainable menstruation (about 2.5 years ago), I have been in touch with Eco Femme. The transparency in their work and purity of intent drew me to work with them. I hope to reach as many menstruators as I can with the message of safe and sustainable menstruation through Eco Femme."
Laure (Communications & Social media) "From being an Eco Femme pad user to working with them; the journey has been a very soul satisfying one."
Laure – communications & social media
Kalvi (Pad For Pad Facilitator) "After completing my master degree I realised that I have to find the best opportunity to start up my career in life! It should satisfy my inner feeling as well as having a positive impact towards society and the environment. One fine day I got a phone call from my friend Kathy, approaching me with a job vacancy at Eco Femme, where all my wishes became true! So here I am!!! One of the team members of Eco Femme in Marketing and Sales. I started my journey to empower womenhood! I am so happy to be a part of the Eco Femme family. I feel proud to work at ECO FANTASTIC TEAM!"
Valli (Pad For Pad Coordinator) "When I saw the Eco Femme posters in Auroville shops and wash rooms, I thought I should shift to washable cloth pads to save our earth from pollution. Cloth pads save money too! These thoughts brought me to Eco Femme! On my first day in the office, I felt so welcomed with big smiles from all the women working there. My soul said this is the place for me, I have started for a new journey! For my next period I manged to shift to cloth pads. I work very closely with Eco Femme partners to introduce the cloth pads and their care, among our rural disadvantaged girls from various government schools and social institutions through our Pad for Pad programme."
Nimmi (Marketing & Sales) "To find a job that satisfies your soul and to find a family at work is not a blessing many receive. I am grateful to this wonderful sisterhood. In the S&M team I handle the online sales and the domestic retail sales. To me, this means ensuring the Pad is available and reaches everyone who has decided to make tbe switch and to guide them through this wonderful journey of Sustainable Menstruation."
Celia (Marketing & Sales) "When I joined Eco Femme in May 2015, I first wanted to be part of the non-profit team and not the commercial one. But Eco Femme needed someone in the commercial team and I had studied in this field. I agreed and was supposed to stay 5 months. And here I am 3 years later! I realised that I'm actually doing a social job too! My objective is not money but convincing girls from around the world to protect their own body and the Earth. It's close to advocacy. AND the benefits from the sales are supporting the education programs and free pads for young Indian girls! What could be better?! Eco Femme's office is a magic place thanks to Jessamijn and Kathy. The atmosphere is sooo different from a regular office, here we eat sweets, hug, support and simply love each other. We are a tribe."
Nilesh (Campaign Coordinator) "Kudos to Eco Femme for having me on board to witness what it means to be in charge of our bodies and our earth! Not to forget, the space and support I receive for being the ever-enthusiastic-me while brainstorming for campaign ideas. Thank you Eco Femme."
Ranjini (Online Shop & Production) "It had been 10 months since I delivered my daughter and I did not have a job to go to. Then suddenly one day I received a phone call from my childhood friend Kalvi who also works at Eco Femme. She approached me with a job opportunity. It was only when I went for the interview that I found out they were the company that were producing cloth pads for menstruation. Today, I am the person who coordinates with the four production units and I also process the online orders for our the customers. This place has changed me for the better and I really feel very proud to work here."
Sathya (Accounts & Production) "Nine years of dealing with numbers as an accountant for various units in Auroville, I felt I needed a change. After joining Eco Femme I came to know about the cloth pad revolution and how it impacts Mother Earth. I have learnt a lot in the last 2 years and am still learning. Surprisingly, this has helped changed my life cycle as well. I really feel proud to be part of Eco Femme team/family."
Pranathi (Ambassador Co-ordinator) "I switched to Eco Femme pads to help with my health issues and my positive experience encouraged me to become an Eco Femme Ambassador! Fast forward to three years later where now I'm working with our global Ambassador Network! I love knowing that each time I connect with a new ambassador, they are going to help many others make an informed decision."
Ramani (Quality Control & Packing Coordinator) "I’m from Auroville and work in Eco Femme as one of the women who quality checks and packs the pads. Washable pads help to keep the surrounding environment clean and litter free and I feel proud that I’m in a part of this process. The workplace inspires me to be here as the team members are very friendly, caring and willing to help in understanding. I also feel a sense of belonging to the Eco Femme project as it is a project for women and their empowerment."
Sudha (Quality Control & Packing) "I work with Eco Femme along with Ramani & Vasuki assisting in quality checking and packaging the pads. I feel very happy to be doing this work, which I am sure that the work atmosphere and the cause contributes to. Doing a work which helps to overcome womens' issues makes me very proud. I feel that's why working at Eco Femme is important to me."
Vasuki (Quality Control & Packing) "I'm from Kottakari, a village next to Auroville. I have been with Eco Femme for the past one year. I work along with Ramani and Sudha to check and pack the pads. Working at Eco Femme makes me happy and independent. I love the work atmosphere and the team who treat me like family."
Kamala (Quality Control & Packing) " I am Kamala from Chinnakota kuppam and I assist in quality checking and help with packing orders along with Vasuki for retailers. I really like the working atmosphere in Eco Femme and after having used Eco Femme pads, I feel more comfortable during my periods. Working for women's products makes me very proud."

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