Age: 39

From: Rayapudupakkam

Message to the world: Learn about the pros and cons of different menstrual products, and make the switch to reusable pads!



Anushya has been working for Cocoon for four years and is their most senior seamstress.  Her favorite thing about work is the flexibility and trust the manager has with the seamstresses, which creates a community amongst the tailors that Anushya describes as her “work family.” As a mother of two sons, Anushya values her work because she is able to support her family as the sole income after her husband passed.  Working with Cocoon has made her more independent because she is inspired by the knowledge she has gained and now feels confident that she can learn any job. Anushya is proud to stitch EcoFemme’s pads because it is a product that is healthy and combines modern and traditional approaches to menstrual products.     

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