The Ambassador Network

The ambassador network

Are you interested in sharing Eco Femme’s vision of eco-positive, dignified, and healthy periods? We invite you become an Eco Femme Ambassador and help change the world one period at a time.

 Eco Femme Ambassadors are individuals who are actively committed to promoting washable cloth pads and revaluing menstruation in their communities through advocacy, education (formal and informal), discussion groups, and/or selling Eco Femme pads.

There are many ways that you can get involved, you can:

  • distribute leaflets and stickers to women in your area
  • write blog posts or share our work on social media
  • fundraise for our Pad for Pad or Pads for Sisters programs
  • create an online advocacy campaign related to our work
  • host a gathering with family and friends and start a conversation to get the women in your life thinking and discussing alternative menstrual products
  • give a short presentation or movie screening followed by discussion on the topic of sustainable menstruation, exploring links between menstrual products and our health, environment and attitudes to waste, or the way media is conditioning our choices.
  • host a Red Tent or women’s circle for women to share personal stories or use expressive arts (art, music, poetry) to help connect and open up on the topic of our shared experience of feminine embodiment and menstruation
  • use days like Menstrual Hygiene DayInternational Women’s Day, Earth Day or World Environment Day to reach out to women through your existing circle of friends, female colleagues, with societies and clubs, on your college campus or other institutions or at fairs and other events
  • conduct educational sessions at schools or colleges to inform girls about menstrual health, hygiene and sustainable products
  • sell our pads whilst spreading the message of our work

If you are interested in being an ambassador,

please write to Laura at Be sure to include where you are located and type of ambassador work you are drawn to. We are happy to work with you to provide you with the resource materials to be an ambassador in your specific context.

We do require that ambassadors be actively engaged with us, documenting and sharing the work you do with us – we’re always happy to help promote future events on social media and we love to share photos or stories of what our ambassadors are doing!

Ambassador ‘Hall of Fame’

Below you can ‘meet’ our ambassadors and see where they are based in the world. We’ve had the pleasure of meeting a number of them when they came to volunteer with us or passed by during a visit to Auroville.

We’re so proud to have such a wonderful group of women supporting us and bringing their own skills, expertise and interests into this work.

If you see someone in your area, please feel free to reach out and connect.

Jane is based in North Wales in the UK. She conducts Red Tent gatherings, writes a blog (The Moon and the Womb) and is the founder of Woman’s Wheel, a project which saw her embark on the first ever Magical Menstrual Tour last year:

Veronica is a Mexican based in the Netherlands. She conducts workshops with women to discover the power of the menstrual cycle. She is also a yogini and works with expressive arts, bellydance etc:

Katrien is based in Belgium. She spreads the word by talking to people around her, and by giving presentations to people who are interested as well as selling our pads: or by calling 0032 477387474.

Laura’s from Berlin, Germany. She writes a blog, hosts work-shops, gives talks & has held movie screenings on the topics of menstrual awareness, feminism & female empowerment. She plans to host red tents in the near future too:

Johanna is based in the Frankfurt area of Germany. She has given presentations on Eco Femme to colleagues, family and friends:

Sulochana is from Goa in India. She has sold our pads at fairs and bazaars and conducts Pad for Pad sessions in her area: or by calling (+91) 9850478215.

Frederique is based in Draguignan (Var) in the South of France. She works with women holding Red Tent talking circles and other activities. She also sells our pads:

Vanessa and Erdmuthe, founders of Alternulltiv, are based in Hamburg, Germany. They include Eco Femme in their workshops about zero waste:

Ilana lives in Massachusetts in the US. She worked closely with us on our Pad for Pad program in 2014.  She’s always happy to connect with other people in her area to take forward the conversation around menstruation:

Michaela lives in Sweden. She learned of cloth pads and Eco Femme during a four month internship in India. She went with the organisation SOFIA to different festivals in Sweden during the summer where she discussed menstruation and Eco Femme products:

Arianne lives and works in the Netherlands, Hilvarenbeek/Tilburg. Passion: menstrual cycle! She loves to inform women & men, girls & boys on this fascinating and empowering subject and on sustainable menstrual products:

Lorena is part of Colectivo Talanquera in Colombia. She coordinates meetings, workshops and volunteer programs about women’s natural health and empowerment through recognition of menstruation and conscious childbirth:

Caroline is from the UK. She is also the founder of Campaign for Cloth and takes our pads to the Glastonbury festival where she runs a tent dedicated to reusable pads and nappies:

Kavitha lives in Bangalore, India. She creates awareness & presents education sessions about eco-friendly menstruation to women and girls in urban & rural areas as well as selling our pads:

Nuria lives in Goa, India and works as a Sacred Feminine Coach, menstrual facilitator, offering Goddess rituals, healing dance, soon with a Red Tent. Visit

Wan Hua is based in Taoyuan, Taiwan. She writes articles on her Facebook page, uses art to promote washable pads & sells our pads as well as plans for a presentation. or (+886) 9-533-88-393
Julia, founder of rolling tiger is from Berlin. She is a dedicated blogger, ayurveda practitioner and hosts women-circles on feminine awakening.
She includes pads in her workshops about conscious menstruation and cyclic living:
Shipra is based in Bangalore, India and has been attending markets and events to bring Eco Femme awareness to the public. She volunteered with us last year and we think she is just great!

Jenny is based in Pittsburgh in the US. She is planning some discussion circles as well as spreading information about sustainable menstruation in her local area:

Kavya is based in Chennai, India and has been involved in sustainable menstruation for the past 2-3 years as well as supporting other women in this field: or (+91) 900 3129271

Trudy is based in Galle, Sri Lanka. She is a sustainability educator & is the regional coordinator for the Global Ecovillage Network Oceania & Asia. She facilitates education programs & has been raising awareness of cloth pads with women and girls in Sri Lanka, since she met Eco Femme in 2013. She also sells the pads at the Galle Good Market: or +94774191016

Rajasi is based in Mumbai. She is an early childhood education trainer and conducts awareness programs, workshops, gives presentations & writes a blog on sustainable menstruation. She plans to work with NGOs, schools, attend markets and events in Maharashtra and Chhattisgarh: or 9420603780.

Jenna’s in Hamburg, Germany where she practices as holistic nutritionist & nourishment counsellor via Nourishing Path. Last year she & her husband founded zerowasteXchange, a community project to help people to produce less waste and to learn strategies for more sustainable consumption:

Lola Peña, spanish Ayurvedic practitioner specialises in Ayurvedic Obstetrics, located in Amsterdam. She runs Sayoni Care project with the goal of activating the self-connecting journey for women empowerment through ancient wisdom. Hosts workshops and red tent circles creating menstrual and female sexual awareness:

Marcy is a teacher at Rishi Valley School, where she also heads the waste management team. She is based in Bangalore, & writes a blog. She’s happy to connect with anyone wanting to make the switch to cloth pads: or 9731917371

Dr. Abhirami, is a naturopathy and yoga consultant working in a superspeciality hospital in Changanaserry, Kerala, India. She conducts seminars and talks to women self help groups, schools and colleges. She’s passionate about breaking taboos around menstruation.

Marleen is from Holland but based in Dharamshala & Palolem in India. She is looking to share info on reusable menstrual products with women in her area: or 7517838016 (whatsapp: +31637173107)

Callan lives in Spain and has done a number of activities including fundraising for Pad for Pad, translating our Facebook posts into Spanish for the Eco Femme Espana group and writing articles:

Surabhi is based in Bangalore, India and has been attending markets to bring Eco Femme awareness to the public: or (+91) 9742055905
Yulia’s from Russia although based in Crimea. She practices yoni yoga with women and shares eco friendly knowledge. For more info, visit her Facebook profile or send an email:

Vera lives in Bulgaria. She’s working on establishing her own brand for reusable eco-friendly products on her website and plans to promote Eco Femme’s work on her

Tennison is based in South East Queensland, Australia. She is planning some movie screenings and educatinal sessions in her area:

Mahalakshmi is based in Hyderabad, India. She is a Wellness Coach who is passionate about spreading awareness on eco-friendly menstruation & conducts menstrual education seminars for schools as well as promoting cloth pads at local fairs & bazaars:

Ahalya is looking to begin the conversation around gender-inclusive menstrual health practices in her university and community:

Swati is from Bangalore. She’s been discussing sustainable menstruation and is keen to connect with like-minded individuals:

Ellowan is based in Clearmont, Colorado in the U.S. She is happy to connect with women interested in making the switch:

Yael is based in Israel. She is happy to discuss sustainable menstruation with women in her area:

Hattie is from Brighton in the UK. She has hosted gatherings to discuss sustainable menstruation:

Damla lives in Olofström in Sweden. She volunteered with us at the beginning of 2015:

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