Pad For Pad Implementation Partners

Revised march 2020

Eco Femme is happy to extend its Pad For Pad program and provide both menstrual health education and washable cloth pad kits (including 4 cloth pads, a travel/storage pouch, and instruction leaflet) to adolescent girls from economically disadvantaged backgrounds.

In order to participate, an implementation partner must be an official institution (NGO, school, CBO, camp etc.) or have formal permission from an educational facility and should be able to fulfill the following requirements:

Implementation Requirements

  1. Identify a female staff member, teacher, or program leader who is motivated to lead the session
  2. Reach the target group: adolescent girls (10-19 yrs, menstruating) who come from an economically disadvantaged background – ideally starting with girls in 8th Standard
  3. Reach out to a minimum 250 nos. of girls in a year.
  4. Reach at least 25 girls for a pilot program.
  5. Keep the number of girls in an education session to a max of 35.
  6. Conduct 2 sessions for each batch of girls: 1 educational session at the time of pad gifting and 1 feedback session undertaken within 3 months after 1st session
  7. Follow the basic outline which requires a minimum 3 hours contact time with the We can provide you with all the information you will need to conduct this session including instructions in the safe use and care of washable cloth pads). Our program and topics covered confirms with the national MHM guidelines and can supplement an existing menstrual educational program you might already have.
  8. Offer products freely and without compulsion to accept.
  9. Collect and share with us data on the participants: names, age, location (village/town/city, district, state) as well as the girls’ feedback from the feedback session – we will provide evaluation tools and training for you to do this.
  10. Collect and share with us documentation of the educational session: photos and a write up for our records, reports, and social media (and approval to use the photos on social media).

We are especially interested in creating partnerships with institutions who can implement the Pad for Pad program regularly and in an ongoing way (at least once or twice a year with new girls each time).

Next steps

If having read these requirements and you are confident you can fulfil them and would like to formalise a partnership, write back to [email protected]

In your mail please tell us:

  • Short description of the girls in your target group and where you will be conducting the sessions
  • Outline your plans – how many sessions you would like to conduct and confirm your ability to meet a target of minimum 250 girls and when you would plan to conduct the pilot
  • Tell us a bit about the experience of the person who would be responsible for teaching the education session and let us know if you need support/training.
  • Is Menstrual health education already part of your programs. If not, why do you want to include it?
  • Are you aware of the prevailing practices around menstruation for girls in your area e.g. what products they typically use, how they access them including spending, govt pad distribution scheme, cultural practices e.g. ritual seclusion. Please share what you know with us.
  • Send us a website link to your organisation

Thereafter we can assess compatibility and if everything looks good we will prepare an MoU and work towards getting you started on a pilot program with up to 30 girls. Based on the success of the pilot, we will be happy to continue partnership.

For more information or if you have further questions, please contact [email protected]

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