Age: 40

From: Sedarapet

Currently lives in: Sanjeevi Nagar

Message to the world: Mothers should be educated on menstrual health and sustainable menstruation and future generations should work to support family, be educated on health options, and share their own knowledge with their community and their daughters.




Kuppu has a natural green thumb and enjoys spending time in her garden surrounded by her favourite flowers, roses. She has spent the last three years working at Kiruba, and sees her employment as a way of learning what is happening outside of the home, allowing women to have other experiences and maintain their mental health. When she isn’t working at Kiruba or gardening, Kuppu spends time with her two daughters and husband, who her income helps to support. She believes that it is important that both partners support the family’s needs and wants, and also thinks that it is important to share personal and professional knowledge with others. Working at Kiruba, she has learned more about menstruation and her own body, which she hopes to share with the world.

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