Age: 36

From: Pudupakkam

Now lives in: Sanjeevi Nagar

Message to the world: Everyone should be empowered to learn the healthiest options for their bodies.



Before coming to Kiruba in 2011, Prema was working at another production unit. She initially began work as a means to occupy her time and create a balanced working and living schedule. In her free time, she hand-crafts necklaces! She enjoys the community aspect of Kiruba, where she’s able to share anything with her coworkers from personal issues to work challenges.
Prema believes it is important for women to work and earn an independent income. She has discovered that financial empowerment has improved her quality of life and she is happy to work with Kiruba, where she is not only able to have financial support, but is also empowered by her work. She feels particularly inspired by being able to use the product that she makes and takes pride in her work, and by knowing what’s good for her body and her environment.

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