Age: 27

From: Ottampalayan

Message to the World: Everyone should seek a friendly and supportive work environment to help them think for themselves and be financially motivated.

Sivagangai Meenatchi

Sivagangai Meenatchi

Sivangagai Meenatchi is one of the superhero seamstresses at Cocoon, working a variety of positions to help the rest of the unit run smoothly. This is Sivangagai Meenatchi’s first job and she greatly enjoys having a community and something to do outside of the home. Her favourite part of her job is stitching pads and working amongst her friends and is excited to stay at work and do more to contribute to a better and healthier environment. Her favourite things to do outside of work are watching her favourite serial, “Sembarathy”, as well as cooking chapatis to enjoy with her young daughter, son and husband. Sivangagai Meenatchi loves having the space to think and act freely at work without deadlines and pressure typical of other jobs. Having her own income has made her more independent and has made her more confident in making decisions for her daughters’ education. 

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