Kathyco-founder, non-profit team leader

“I personally experienced the shift from disposables to using cloth washable pads in 1999 as revolutionary. I was so excited by this “discovery” that I became somewhat fanatical in my efforts to encourage other women to also make the shift. This passion was further ignited when surrounded by the natural beauty of Auroville which fuelled both my awareness of the preciousness and threats to our earth and a heartfelt wish to preserve its integrity. In 2010 I was blessed to meet Jessamijn and together we co-founded Eco Femme. My focus in Eco Femme is co-ordinating the not for profit work. It gives me immense joy to be part of such an exciting project, working with a passionate and committed team bridging the world with this simple but powerful little product that we believe has the power to transform the planet, one woman, one period at a time.”

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