New Mum’s Kit

$ 73.13

Our new mom’s kit is an ideal starter kit for all the new mamma’s who would like to take care of their little one, their own health and the earth’s!

This kit includes:
4 postpartum pads (super comfy):this pad has seven inner layers just like our night pad, however the increased dimensions may offer more comfort and confidence for women who have just delivered a baby.
4 breast pads:our breast pads are made of gots certified organic cotton, undyed and unbleached. It has 3 absorbent layers and a leakproof layer at the back.
3 (1 set) good ol’ faithful nappies: the traditional practice of folding cloth nappies is an oldie but a goodie! Cloth squares are a great, flexible cloth nappy option to suit babies over different ages in a variety of ways – from origami folds or even as an insert with reusable nappy covers. Size: 60x60cm click here to learn how to use?
1 sumo style baby belt: (1 size fits all): our sumo style belts are organic cotton covered elastic belts with adjustable sizing. They can be used with good ol’ faithful nappies, or any piece of fabric that can be folded to create the desired amount of layers. Click here to learn how to use?
1 nappy cover: our nappy cover is made from cotton (outer layer) laminated with pul (inner layer). It has many buttons to adjust it to the baby’s size and growth (and is a ‘1 size fits all’).

With this purchase, you contribute 4 cloth pad for a girl in India through our Pad for Pad programme.  Want to gift more? Click here or Choose to add contributions when you check out.

For more information on the nappies, please read our FAQ

 *This nappy cover is available for sale only in India, if your shipping address is out of India, please switch to our India Shop.


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