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Rising from rural India and reaching out to the world, Eco Femme is a women-led social enterprise that produces and sells organic washable cloth pads and nappy products. Founded in 2010, our work is centred around revitalising menstrual practices that are healthy, affordable, dignified, and environmentally sustainable.

Our cloth pads

  • GOTS organic certified, healthy and comfortable – free from harmful chemicals (our nappies too!)
  • An embodied experience that connects you to your blood, body and self
  • Grow an eco-sisterhood of women all around the world who care for our Earth  
  • Spark environmental, cultural and social transformation, one pad at a time!

Organic washable cloth pads

Organic washable cloth pads

Our Menstrual Health Education

  • We start conversations around menstruation rooted in curiosity and period positivity
  • We revitalise menstrual practices that are healthy, affordable, dignified and sustainable
  • We create safe spaces for girls and women to speak about their bodies and cycles
  • We support informed choices by providing accurate and unbiased information about menstrual products
  • We dispel myths and taboos while integrating local practices and wisdom

A women led social enterprise

  • We promote dignified, local livelihoods by creating work for rural women in India
  • We redirect profits towards social good through our ethical social enterprise business model 
  •  We are female leadership in action, creating spaces for our team and eco-sisters to connect, create and lead 
  • We believe the mission is greater than the product: our work is about collective cultural transformation that empowers women to reconnect with themselves, one another and the earth 



Organic washable cloth pads

Organic washable cloth pads

Growing Eco-Sisterhood

  • We invite open and authentic conversations
  • We welcome vulnerability, to listen deeply and see one another
  • We create safe and inspiring spaces
  • We connect with the earth and one another

  • We nourish an embodied sense of belonging; within oneself, with each other as women, and with the earth

Our Bestsellers

Vibrant Full cycle Kit

Vibrant Night Pad Twin Pack

Natural Day pad Plus

Natural Pantyliner with PUL

Natural Starter Kit

Cultivating an Ecology of Love

Will you make the switch? 

Namaste team, I am Archanaa from Coimbatore. I recently bought Eco Femme cloth pads and ever since I have been very happy. Switching to cloth pads is the best thing we can do to ourselves and for Mother Nature. Just thought I must stop by and say thanks for this initiative. I have suggested these cloth pads to my friends and relatives.

Archana, India

I am very enthusiastic about your project, the way it combines female empowerment and questions of sustainability and I would love to support you from Germany until I can come to Auroville one day and get to know you personally 🙂

Franziska, Germany

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