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Why make the switch ?


Over our lifetime, we will each dispose of about 150kg of toxic sanitary waste – cloth pads are a way out of this mess!


Cloth washable pads are a safe alternative to chemically laden disposable products ensuring rash-free, healthy periods!


A one-time purchase of cloth pads prevents costly expenditure of single-use and throw products saving you A LOT of money!


Your purchase helps sponsor cloth pads for other women and girls providing them with long term access to healthy menstrual products.

Nurture Eco-Sisterhood


Your cloth pad purchase helps subsidise pads for low-income women

What’s in an Eco Femme Cloth pad?

Eco Femme cloth pads are made with organic cotton and certified by GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards).

The top and inner layers are made with soft absorbent cotton flannel. The bottom cotton layer is laminated with a polyurethane layer to make it leakproof.

The pads come in different sizes, ranging from pantyliners for light flow to the Super Comfy for heavy flow. And they can be reused for 75 washes (and will last approx. 4 years).

That is it! No hidden toxic chemicals or fragrances!

What’s in an Eco Bébé Nappy?

Eco Bébé nappies are made from organic cotton, certified by GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards). They are made to fit your child in its growth from baby to toddler.

All nappy absorbents have a bird’s eye weave for super absorbency. The nappy cover is made of organic cotton laminated with polyurethane laminate (PUL) for leak-proofing with many buttons to adjust to your baby’s size.

They keep your bub’s bum free from toxic chemicals and help in getting your baby potty- trained very quickly!

From the women who made the switch

Namaste team, I am Archanaa from Coimbatore. I recently bought Eco Femme cloth pads and ever since I have been very happy. Switching to cloth pads is the best thing we can do to ourselves and to Mother Nature. Just thought I must stop by and say thanks for this initiative. I have suggested these cloth pads to my friends and relatives.

Archanaa, India

I am very enthusiastic about your project, the way it combines female empowerment and questions of sustainability and I would love to support you from Germany until I can come to Auroville one day and get to know you personally 🙂

Franziska, Germany

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