Night Pad Twin Pack – Natural Organic

$ 19.62

Eco Femme’s Night Pad is best suited for nights and heavy flow days. Additional length and width at the back provides good coverage while lying down

Fabric: Organic cotton certified by GOTS  Global Organic Textile Standard

Leak Proofing: Yes, PUL (polyurethane laminate) on the back layer.

No of Absorbent Layers: 8 layers (1 top layer + 7 inner layers)

Fabric DyesThe top layer and the inner layers are un-dyed and unbleached.

Product Life: Our pads will last approx. 75 – 100 washes, or 3 -5 years, depending on how frequently a pad is used and how well it is cared for.

With this purchase, you contribute 2 cloth pad for a girl in India through our Pad for Pad programme.  Want to gift more? Click here or Choose to add contributions when you check out.

For more information on the pads, please read our FAQ

*This pad is available for sale only outside of India, if your shipping address is within India, please switch to our India Shop.


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