Pads for Sisters

Our Pads For Sisters programme provides women from low-income backgrounds with affordable access to menstrual health education and high quality reusable cloth pads through an extensive partnership network all across India.

Affordable cloth pads for all!

When given the choice, product user studies in different geographies consistently reveal that rural women prefer cloth pads over disposable pads for a variety of reasons.

Limited purchasing power, however, is typically an obstacle for those coming from low-income backgrounds to make the switch. Offering cloth pads at subsidised prices is our way of ensuring that the cost obstacle is removed and making sure that cloth pads are accessible and affordable for all!

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Our Pads

We have two types of cloth pads, which have been widely accepted by women from rural, tribal, and urban slum communities across India.


All our cloth pads are made from organically certified cotton, contain leak-proofing and wings and can last at least 3 years.
To learn more about our range and purchasing conditions see our Product Catalogue.

Foldable cloth pad

All-in-one cloth pad

How does “Pads for Sisters” work?

Revenues from our commercial sales enable us to offer cloth pads at a discounted rate so as to be affordable.

There are several ways to avail of discounted pads:

  • In bulk at cost price to organisations and individuals who want to sponsor or gift pads to economically disadvantaged women
  • At a subsidised rate (usually from Rs 60 – 100 based on capacity to pay) for women to purchase for their own use.
  • As a source of income for women to distribute or retail the subsidised pads in their communities

If you are interested in bulk-sourcing of cloth pads at noncommercial rates please fill out this screening form.


Get involved and become a partner

Whether you are an organisation or an enthusiastic individual we welcome new partners! Pads for Sisters partnership is flexible and we work closely with you to develop tailored support to help develop a cloth pad distribution strategy or programme to suit the setting you are working in.

Our Pads for Sisters partners include;

  • Individuals and student groups working at a grassroots level unaffiliated with any organisation
  • NGOs working with Self Help Groups or other community groups
  • CSR initiatives
  • Community organisations such as Rotary Clubs and Soroptomists
  • Government initiatives at a state level

Learn with Us

We provide face-to-face or remote training to partners on how to conduct impactful menstrual health education sessions.

Our trainers are fluent in English, Tamil, Malayalam, and Hindi.

As part of this training, partners gain access to a Facilitator Guide and learning resources, including samples of various menstrual products and informative flipcharts.

Programme Impact

Do you wonder if cloth pads are a viable menstrual absorbent for women from low-income backgrounds?

Do you have doubts or concerns about the safety or efficacy of cloth pads?

We have data from numerous pilot projects with partners across India which confirm our conviction that cloth pads are not just viable but preferred over disposable pads for health, economic and environmental reasons.

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