Be Part of the Solution!

Some of you may have attended the Auroville Trashion Show back in early February or seen photos or videos on social media. It was a great event that we at Eco Femme were delighted to participate [...]

We need YOU!

  Dear Friends, We are posting regarding our Pad for Pad programme, which you may already be aware of.   Pad for Pad: Passing on the power of informed choice. Through this programme, we [...]

Spanish week

*Our newest volunteer, Ximena, is from Argentina…so we decided to have a Spanish week! She shares her personal experiences below. Stay tuned over on our social media all week to learn [...]

#ThePadEffect Campaign

From the 1st – 28th May (Menstrual Hygiene Day) we participated in #ThePadEffect campaign lead by Feminism In India (FII) to create more awareness about the harmful effects of disposable, [...]


  A cloth pad revolution is the enterprise’s dream, But who are the individuals behind the Eco Femme team? Let us begin with Kathy, for the group she co-christened, Take her wise [...]

Pad for Pad report 2015-16

Here is a report on our Pad for Pad progress from this past year.   Target for the year 2015-16: Our plan was to reach out to 4000 girls – half through sessions we directly implement with [...]

Convenience at what cost?

Traditionally, women all over the world have used cloth to handle their monthly menstrual flow. These days, however, disposable menstrual products have become commonplace in many countries and [...]

Isa and her work

We wanted to share a bit about a truly amazing lady, Isa, a nurse and environmentalist, living in Madhya Pradesh, central India. She conducts educational sessions and promotes Eco Femme pads from [...]

Lets talk about it!

Another fabulous article from Jane about why we need to open up the conversation around menstruation. As always, our thanks for sharing, Jane! Lets talk about it! Awareness, understanding, [...]


Masika, the latest offering from Auroville Video Productions, is a documentary that informs women in India about the environmental and social impact of disposable sanitary napkins and suggests [...]

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