SheCup – Menstrual Cup


Shecup  is a soft menstrual cup is made of High Quality Health Grade Silicone, Perfectly designed to suit women bodies at different Menstruating ages; certified by the US pharmacopeia and are Recommended by Senior Gynaecologists. Easy to use, Economical and a greener alternative to Toxic disposable pads and tampons.

✓ Health grade silicone Menstrual Cup – Shecup C (Classic Knob) US Pharmacopeia Certified
✓ Endorsed by Sr. Gynaecologists
✓ Both High and Low Cervix Compatible
✓ Can be used Pre and Post Maternity (with C section)
✓ Hygienic, Non – Toxic, Easy and safe to use
✓ Can be sterilized
✓ Khadhi Cloth Bag, Shecup wipes and Instruction booklet
✓ Made from 100% High Quality Health Grade Silicone and Food grade dye

With this purchase, you contribute 1 cloth pad for a girl in India through our Pad for Pad programme.  Want to gift more? Choose to add contributions when you check out.


Size: One Standard Size: Length with knob: 59.5mm; Length without Knob: 54mm; Diameter: 44mm (rim, external across the top);

Non Toxic, Hypo- Allergenic, medical grade silicon;

Fluid Holding Capacity: 16ml upto the air hole, 28ml upto the rim

For more information on the pads, please read our FAQ

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