She Cup Pantyliner Kit without Leakproof Layer


Eco Femme’s “SheCup-Kit” is a way for the most eco-friendly menstruation. You might not need anyting else for the next 10 years!

Includes: 1 SheCup menstrual cup in a storage bag, 3 Pantyliners without leakproof layer 1 Travel Pouch

The Pantyliners can serve as a backup for those who want to start learning how to use a menstrual cup until they feel confident that they can use it, and for your light flow days and spotting, or for daily discharge throughout the month.

With this purchase, you contribute 1 cloth pad for a girl in India through our Pad for Pad programme.  Want to gift more? Click Here or Choose to add contributions when you check out.




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 *This kit is available for sale only in India, if your shipping address is out of India, please switch to our International Shop.


Size: One Standard Size: Length with knob: 59.5mm; Length without Knob: 54mm; Diameter: 44mm (rim, external across the top);

Non Toxic, Hypo- Allergenic, medical grade silicon;

Fluid Holding Capacity: 16ml upto the air hole, 28ml upto the rim

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Natural Range, Vibrant Range


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