Say Hello To Our Tailors At Clothing Creations!

Clothing Creations Production Unit


Our production unit is just outside of Auroville, the tailors here use their skill to stitch a variety of products, from blouses to cloth pads! See their profiles below to learn more about their individual stories.

Prema from Pudupakkam

Before coming to Kiruba in 2011, Prema was working at another production unit. She initially began work as a means to occupy her time and create a balanced working and living schedule. In her free time, she handcrafts necklaces! She enjoys the community aspect of Kiruba, where she’s able to share anything with her coworkers from personal issues to work challenges.
Prema believes it is important for women to work and earn an independent income. She has discovered that financial empowerment has improved her quality of life and she is happy to work with Kiruba, where she is not only able to have financial support but is also empowered by her work. She feels particularly inspired by being able to use the product that she makes and takes pride in her work, and by knowing what’s good for her body and her environment.

Message to the world:
Everyone should be empowered to learn the healthiest options for their bodies.

Selvi from Puthupakkam

Selvi has been working for Kiruba for four years. She likes stitching pads because she feels that cloth pads are not only a healthy option but is able to use them herself and feels that by stitching a healthier, more sustainable option, she is doing something to help others. Besides using the pads herself, Selvi tries to encourage others to use them because they are cost-effective and healthy and she knows exactly how they are made and what goes into them.

Message to the world:
It is important to understand our choices so that one can make an informed choice of what to use.

Kuppu from Sedarapet

Kuppu has a natural green thumb and enjoys spending time in her garden surrounded by her favourite flowers, roses. She has spent the last three years working at Kiruba and sees her employment as a way of learning what is happening outside of the home, allowing women to have other experiences and maintain their mental health. When she isn’t working at Kiruba or gardening, Kuppu spends time with her two daughters and husband, who her income helps to support. She believes that it is important that both partners support the family’s needs and wants, and also thinks that it is important to share personal and professional knowledge with others. Working at Kiruba, she has learned more about menstruation and her own body, which she hopes to share with the world.

Message to the world:
Mothers should be educated on menstrual health and sustainable menstruation and future generations should work to support family, be educated on health options, and share their own knowledge with their community and their daughters.

Mohana from Morakkanan

Mohana has been working at Kiruba for two years. She enjoys making pads because her work is being used by other women. She says that having a job has helped her make decisions for herself and given her the ability to buy things she needs and wants without having to rely solely on her husband. She feels that her work is a community and a family for her. She appreciates her supportive coworkers who share knowledge with no hesitation, and help each other grow and feel happy. Mohana likes to make dolls in her free time and loves that her job is helping everyone by helping women and the environment.

Message to the World:
Start using cloth pads! It’s important to learn about proper menstrual health and find sustainable options that are long-lasting and healthy!

Meera from Ramanathapuram

Before coming to Kiruba two years ago, Meera worked for a toy shop. Working at Kiruba has allowed her to make her love for stitching into a lucrative profession. Her income from Kiruba supports her daughters’ educations, family expenses and allows her to make purchases freely. She especially enjoys learning to make new things she and her family use so that they don’t have to buy them.

Message to the world:
People should understand and use healthy options instead of just easy and quick options.

Valliyammai from Rayapettai

Valliyammai has always loved stitching clothes and other items for her community, so when she saw Kiruba’s work nearly four years ago, she was inspired to take on her first job and join the tailors at Kiruba. Having her own income has helped her make decisions for herself, given her confidence, and allowed her to support her children, husband, and parents. She believes that having an income is important for every woman, not only to invest and support their families but also to allow them to gain independence.

Message to the World:
Cloth pads are the healthiest option and they incorporate traditional practices. I encourage others to share the benefits of cloth pads with other women so they can try them and keep sharing their knowledge.

Sumathi from Karaiyamputhur

Sumathi has been doing quality checking at Kiruba for three years and has worked in Kiruba for seven years. This is her first job and she says she has never considered changing jobs! She enjoys her work and the freedom it gives her to value her own needs. She believes that it is important for every woman to be educated and work so that they can support their family, and fulfill their own needs. She also stands for everyone understanding the background of the products they are using, including the harm that disposable pads can cause over long-term use. Sumathi is inspired by the healthy alternative of cloth pads, and especially by women working to support other women.

Message to the world:
Don’t stay at home and be scared to do things! Be ready to challenge yourself and be independent.

Arumugam from Chinna Pudhupattu

Arumugam lives in Papanchavadi (Pondicherry) and has been working for Kiruba for 10 years. He has been working as a tailor for the last 20 years. He is one of Kiruba’s three male tailors.

Mageshwari from Erode

Mageshwari has been working with Kiruba for the last couple of months. She was working in a toy store before joining this unit. She is conscious of the benefits of using cloth pads and often talks to her daughter about it. Though she started her work life by earning from home, she feels stepping out of household space exposes her to diverse experiences and helps her make good friends.

Message to the world:
Everyone should be conscious about leading a healthy life.

Selvam from Madakalipattu

He has been working for 3 years with Kiruba. He believes that cloth pads are consciously produced and prioritise the health of women, which is why they should use cloth pads. He feels that women who have a sustained income are independent and can decide for themselves and their children without depending on their husbands.

Message to the world:
Everyone (men and women) should work to improve their life standards. How much ever one gets educated one should learn a skill to lead a balanced life.

Vijaya Kumar from Pondicherry

Vijaya Kumar has been working at Kiruba for 10 years, stitching pads for two of those years. He is one of Kiruba’s three male tailors. He lives in Pondicherry and enjoys educating women around him about the cloth pads, which he describes as more expensive upfront, but a healthier and overall better option for the long-term. Vijaya Kumar believes that it is important for both women and men to care for families and that if a woman wants to work, she should be allowed to do so. He stands for equality and believes that women are powerful and must use their voices.

Message to the World:
Women should be bold, confident and support one another.