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We welcome partnerships with organisations and individuals and have over 60 partners across India.

We run two key partner programmes in India which provide holistic menstrual education that promotes informed choice and raises awareness about washable pads.

Pad for Pad programme

Who we serve

Our pad for pad programme serves adolescent girls aged from low-income backgrounds.
If you would like to become a Pad for Pad partner, please read on to learn the basic requirements and next steps.

What we offer

  • Free cloth pad kit with written resources in local languages
  • Holistic menstrual health education and training for facilitators

Organic cloth pads India – ecofemme

Organic cloth pads India – ecofemme

Pad for Sisters programme

Who we serve

This programme serves Women from low income backgrounds

If you would like to become a Pads for Sisters partner, please write to .

What we offer

  • Holistic menstrual health education, with an emphasis on informed decision-making about menstrual products
  • Affordable, subsidised cloth pads

Can we help you?

We provide training and essential resources while guiding you in how to deliver comprehensive menstrual health education and evaluate impact.

To meet our existing partners, check out our interactive partner map:

Pink pad icons refer to Pad for Pad partners
Blue pad icons refer to Pad for Sister partners

This story map was made in partnership with the Everett Program at the University of California, Santa Cruz. UCSC students Molly Dick, Emily Lewis, Kimi Sullivan, and Sarah Burrows interviewed our Pad for Pad and Pad for Sisters partners, both in person and remotely, and compiled the information into this story map. For more information on the Everett Program, please visit their website.