Become a Fundraising Champion

Why join our fundraising campaign?

Running a fundraising campaign is a truly meaningful action that can change the lives of girls and women.  It is not just an online page… your campaign translates into cloth pads and conversations that can shape culture and rewrite narratives (wow, go you!).

One donation of

$ 6.65 /€ 6.20  / ₹ 550


A free 3 hour menstrual health education session + a cloth pad kit for a girl

Our goal is to reach 15,000 girls each year

 The demand for menstrual education and sustainable period kits is massive and to reach this target we need your support.  We aim to raise $25,000 between now and March 31st 2024. 

To learn more about this cause and the kind of impacts your fundraising efforts support, watch this short video

menstrual education session

“I am a Fundraising Champion for Eco Femme and it honestly has surprised me how rewarding it feels… it was super easy to sign up and seeing the donations feels like I’m really making a difference for a fellow sister! I imagine how I would feel if I didn’t have the access to education or money to choose what period product I want to use… or even understand what’s happening to my body… it feels GOOD to use the benefit of my experiences to make sure another girl has the opportunities I have had!” 

Sandy, Australia

Pad for Pad education session at Udavi school

“As a long time supporter of Eco Femme, I wanted to do something that would be actually helpful in a very practical and tangible way.  I thought about fundraising but it seemed complicated – until I saw the simple campaign tool on their website (you literally just click and it does it all for you!)  I used it for my birthday – instead of getting presents I asked my friends to make donations on my behalf.  So much more meaningful than me getting another candle or soap or something random!  The response has been overwhelming.  I think my friends and family feel as good about it as I do, we are making a meaningful difference.”

Anisha, India

Simple steps to create your own fundraiser

1. Click here to start your journey as a Fundraising Champion.  You have a choice to start your own fundraiser, or join an existing team.

2. Enter your display name in the pop-up window and add a photo and message from the heart about why you are running a fundraiser.  You can also specify your personal fundraising goals and timelines.  

3. Follow the email prompts to complete verification and… ta-daaa! You’re up and running!  You will get your own donor portal to track and monitor your fundraising progress at any time, as well as social media sharing tools. 

In appreciation for your efforts…


    • Supporters who raise $100 – $499 will receive a set of our stickers and a mini cloth pad keychain
    • Supporters who raise $500- $999 will receive a cloth pad kit of their choice and mini cloth pad keychain
    • Supporters who raise $1000+ will receive a set of stickers, two cloth pad kits of choice (one for you and one for a friend!) and a mini cloth pad keychain
Full cycle kit
menstrual education session
all our stickers
Margarita and school girls


Where do the donations go?

Auroville International (AVI) USA supports Auroville projects to flourish and as Eco Femme is a project under the Auroville Foundation, they are our fiscal partner and channel funds to us. AVI USA is a nonprofit, tax-exempt charitable organization (tax ID number 23-7360183) under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. This means that donations within the USA are tax deductible.

How can I track the donations I receive in my campaign?

You will have access to a portal for your campaign (basically, like a backend dashboard with information about donations received – e.g. from whom, where, amount). You will get an email notifying you of every donation made to your campaign.

What kind of accountability for donations can you provide?

Every donor will receive a confirmation email after they donate. We will regularly share updates and reports so you can see how your donations are being used to benefit girls.

If I am in India does it make sense to channel funds via the USA portal?

It is up to you. Auroville also has its own gateway for donations within India.