Say Hello To Our Tailors At Cocoon!

Cocoon Production Unit


Cocoon is a local tailoring unit located about 2 kilometers from Eco Femme’s office. Their team of 6 women tailors is responsible for much of Eco Femme’s cloth pad production and works closely with the Eco Femme team to meet changing demands.

Read their stories below!

Anushya from Rayapudupakkam

Anushya has been working for Cocoon for four years and is their most senior seamstress. Her favorite thing about work is the flexibility and trust the manager has with the seamstresses, which creates a community amongst the tailors that Anushya describes as her “work family.” As a mother of two sons, Anushya values her work because she is able to support her family as the sole income after her husband passed. Working with Cocoon has made her more independent because she is inspired by the knowledge she has gained and now feels confident that she can learn any job. Anushya is proud to stitch EcoFemme’s pads because it is a product that is healthy and combines modern and traditional approaches to menstrual products.

Message to the world:
Learn about the pros and cons of different menstrual products, and make the switch to reusable pads!

Rajeshwari from Alankuppam

Rajeshwari believes it is important for women to work so that they can be independent and ready for anything. She began working for Cocoon and learned to sew three years ago. She enjoys cooking in her free time, but thoroughly enjoys her work and considers it a hobby as well. Working at Cocoon has made her self-assured, financially independent, and confident in making financial decisions for herself and her two sons after her husband passed. Rajeshwari said that her work feels like home, giving her a purpose and an everyday routine, and shared that her coworkers are her support system and motivate her every day.

Message to the world:
Pay attention to the materials that your products are made of. Cloth pads are the future!

Nalini from Sanjeev Nagar

Nalini began working at Cocoon two years ago after earning her masters in Tamil and aspires to open her own production unit one day to produce cloth pads. Outside of work, Nalini loves spending time with her friends and milking cows. She works on both stitching and buttoning but enjoys her buttoning work the most and gains confidence from this position because she is their best buttoner. Working with other women has made her more confident, outgoing, and open to learning new things. She is inspired by stitching pads because it has helped her learn more about her own health and feels empowered working for a good cause.

Message to the world:
Learn about healthy menstruation and transparent manufacturing so that you can be proud of the products you use. Share your knowledge with others, even if you only tell one person!

Saraswathi from Alankuppam

Saraswathi has been working at Cocoon for two years and loves the flexibility and kind working environment. With another child on the way, she appreciates the flexibility that Cocoon offers and loves having the support of her Cocoon family. She especially appreciates her manager, who she says fills a sort of father role- inspiring, supporting, and encouraging her to take time to interact and not put up barriers. Saraswathi believes that health education is important since people should know about what they are using and putting in their bodies.

Message to the World:
Learn about your body, health, and products, and share this knowledge with others!

Sivagangai Meenatchi from Ottampalayan

Sivangagai Meenatchi is one of the superhero seamstresses at Cocoon, working a variety of positions to help the rest of the unit run smoothly. This is Sivangagai Meenatchi’s first job and she greatly enjoys having a community and something to do outside of the home. Her favourite part of her job is stitching pads and working amongst her friends and is excited to stay at work and do more to contribute to a better and healthier environment. Her favourite things to do outside of work are watching her favourite serial, “Sembarathy”, as well as cooking chapatis to enjoy with her young daughter, son and husband. Sivangagai Meenatchi loves having the space to think and act freely at work without deadlines and pressure typical of other jobs. Having her own income has made her more independent and has made her more confident in making decisions for her daughter’s education.

Message to the World:
Everyone should seek a friendly and supportive work environment to help them think for themselves and be financially motivated.