Our Story

Eco Bébé makes reusable, organic cloth nappy products, stitched by rural women’s self-help groups in Tamil Nadu, India. We are based in Auroville, an international township, which is an experimental community committed to the values of human unity and diversity.

Eco Bébé is a part of the social enterprise, Eco Femme, which stitches and sells washable cloth pads and conducts menstrual health education sessions with girls and women from low income backgrounds in India. Our cloth nappy and cloth pad journey evolved alongside one another, motivated by a desire to tackle the growing mountain of sanitary waste. Most of this plastic-based waste never biodegrades – it will far outlive our own life, and even our children’s lives. For us, reusable pads and nappies are all about the cycle of life and caring for our bodies and the earth.

To learn more about our story (and a hilarious anecdote involving cloth nappies and snakes), read on here…

Why Cloth Nappies?

Good for the Earth




Supports Potty Training

Our Ethics

We are deeply committed to treading lightly. We recognise that our wellbeing and the environment are interconnected… and that these intricate threads connect us to one another!

We believe in empowerment through education which allows individuals to make informed choices that care for our health, as well as the earth.

Our Products

All our products are made with GOTS certified organic cotton. This means that from harvesting to stitching, all steps in your cloth nappy’s journey have met both environmental AND socially responsible criteria.

Learn more about the products in our FAQ.

Good Ol’ FaithFul Fit ‘n’ Fold Sumo Style Belt
Good Ol’ Faithful can be used with an Eco Bebe Sumo Style belt or folded in the traditional practice of cloth nappies. Fold ‘n’ Fit can be used with a reusable, leakproof nappy cover of your choice. Our Sumo Style Belt comes with adjustable sizing, to be used with a folded piece of cloth.

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