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Eco-Sisterhood IS the beating heart of everything we do, and dream about at Eco Femme.

While it might appear that we are just about pads and periods, the ultimate goal of our work at Eco Femme is to drive large-scale environmental, cultural and social transformation!

There are many ways to participate.

Who we serve

Pad for Pad

Menstrual health education and free pad gifting programmes to adolescent girls.

Pads for Sisters

Menstrual health education and process for introducing cloth pads to marginalised women. Cloth pads are discounted so as to be affordable.

Cultivating an Ecology of Love

Explore stories of our Eco-Sisters

A Love Letter from our Co-founders

A Love Letter from our Co-founders

Eco Femme turns 10! In searching for an overarching metaphor to attempt to describe what this journey has been about, the one that jumps most naturally to mind is motherhood - so bear with us as the related metaphors start to flow! From the beginning, as our initial...

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