An introduction from one of our newest retailers:

Oct 8, 2014 | Blog, Eco Femme

Today, we hear from one of our newest retailers, Saravanan Varatharajan who is based in Coimbatore. Over the coming months we will be introducing some of our retailers and sharing their stories to give you an idea of the people who help us to make all this possible. Our thanks to Saravanan for sharing his story.


I am an organic farmer and started this organic shop IYAL in Coimbatore to promote chemical free veggies & other food products. Over a period of time I realised the desperate need of being eco-friendly and getting back to the basics of giving mother nature her due respect to save the future generations.

That is when I started my quest for products that do not harm the soil & the bio-diversity. The napkins with plastics certainly are a big threat to the eco system as the plastic pollution is a monster in the making and is already killing so many species across the oceans & globe.


When I first heard about Eco-Femme I was delighted to know the solution for napkin pollution and I wanted to promote the same in my shop and thanks to the team for letting me do so. I feel it is just a start and I will try my best to take these products across Coimbatore

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If you live in Coimbatore and wish to buy Eco Femme pads, you can visit Saravanan and his shop Iyal at #40, Puliyakulam Road, Coimbatore – 641037  Tel: +919442112345