Making the switch…Caroline

Sep 5, 2015 | Blog, Making the switch

One of our UK ambassadors and founder of Campaign for Cloth, Caroline shares her making the switch story.


Caroline ambassadorI’m relatively new to the wonders of reusable pads, but after nearly two years of using them I can honestly say I will never use disposables again.

I used reusable nappies with my second child Abel who is now 12 and it was during a conversation about nappies that I commented what a great idea reusable pads would be – so I researched pads, bought a few and never looked back.

“My primary reason for making the switch was waste; now it’s waste, chemicals in the manufacture of pads, cost and overall feel – why would I ever use a scratchy plastic pad when I could have cotton or fleece?”

Campaign for cloth took a selection of reusable pads to the Glastonbury Festival this year – it is amazing how many women and girls have no idea that they exist. Most were happy to have the discussion about making the switch and I could see a flicker of consideration. Some, however, were mortified about the suggestion of washing menstrual pads,  when questioned why they seemed to think of their periods as dirty – the yuck factor- maybe when we teach girls and boys about menstruation we need to be clear that menstruation isn’t something to be disgusted by.

I do remember the ‘period’ lessons, the boys were vacated from the room and the girls were left with a nurse to show them pads and tampons. Not a discussion between the genders, something that boys needn’t hear at all!

I now share the wonders of cloth pads with anyone who’ll listen!