Making the switch…Hattie

Jul 14, 2016 | Blog, Making the switch

One of our UK ambassadors, Hattie, shares her making the switch story. Thanks Hattie!

My journey into making the switch from disposable to reusable sanitary products began with a desire to cut down on the amount of waste I produced as an individual. I didn’t realise when I started to change my habits just how much of an impact this would have on me and how I feel about my body.Hattie

I had heard of Mooncup and seen it in shops, but I had never previously thought to question using tampons and sanitary pads, which were the only products I felt familiar with and comfortable using. Also, as the initial cost can be more than triple the amount of a pack of tampons, it seemed too expensive to invest in. However, as I tried to make more eco friendly choices in other aspects of my life (buying organic food, using earth friendly cleaning products, etc) I thought I should think more about the choices I was making when it came down to my body.

I checked out the Mooncup website and realised that the cost was actually a small price to pay when you put it into perspective. I started using the Mooncup, which I love and still use to this day, but found myself still using disposable pads at night. I thought that there must be an alternative to these if products such as Mooncup exist, so I was very pleased to find Eco Femme cloth pads in my local health food shop. Since that day I have never looked back and can’t believe how much less of a burden it is getting my period each month.

“Originally, having mostly been interested in cutting down on my waste, I hadn’t thought of all the other benefits of using cloth, but now it seems like cutting down on waste is the bonus!”

I had never even thought about the materials disposables were made from, but after doing some research, I’m not surprised how uncomfortable I had felt wearing them. Cloth pads are soft, breathable and a lot prettier than any disposable I’ve ever seen or used, with the added bonus of being cheaper in the long run too.
Like most other women, I remember the lesson at school where we were taught about menstruation and the products that we would have to purchase once a month for the foreseeable future. It’s a shame that this discussion is so one sided (that is, in favour of the big brands) and that other options are not even given a look in.

“If I had been taught about the alternatives when I was in school, I have no doubt I would have made the switch earlier.”