Making the switch…Yael

Aug 24, 2016 | Blog, Making the switch


Our ambassador in Israel, Yael shares her making the switch story…

Well, the first time I got to know this beautiful idea, was during the time I was a nature activist. I volunteered for 3 years in a non profitable green organization in a commune life.

We were always searching for things that were green but also easy to do in an urban way of life.

When I heard about reusable pads I fell in love with the thought of bringing back the gift of life to mother earth,  just like my ancestors did (red tent stories of the Hebrew tribe in the middle east), so I started sewing them alone, only they fell apart very quickly.
When I arrived in Auroville in India, I got to know Eco Femme, and 2 months later (before I left) I filled my backpack with their products!
Yael ambassador1