How to track your cycle and why it matters! – Part 1

May 20, 2022 | Eco Femme, Education, Health & Hygiene, Pads for sisters.

 by Kalvi Karunanithy and Kathy Walkling.


First of all, let’s understand what period tracking is. Period tracking is a powerful tool to become familiar with your menstrual cycle. We are passionate about cycle tracking and have long advocated for this practice during all our educational sessions. In this 2 part blog series, we are going to explain why we think this is so important and then explore some of the different ways how you can do this for yourself.


Why is cycle tracking important?

You will be able to figure out the pattern of your menstrual cycle.

Tracking your period can provide you with a whole lot of useful information about yourself – it can become a valuable biofeedback tool through which you can learn to understand yourself much better!

cycle tracking app


Tracking your period begins with recording the starting date of your period over at least 3 months – the more months you do it, the more you will start to see patterns. You will be able to figure out the length of your menstrual cycle and quite accurately predict the starting date of your next period. While the average length is 28 days, variations are common anywhere from  21 days to 45 days.  Becoming familiar with your pattern will enable you to anticipate your next due date of bleeding and will help you quickly pick up irregularities and be prepared.


You will be able to figure out your most fertile days.

As you pay more attention you will be able to note not just menstruating days but all phases of your cycle including pre-ovulation, ovulation, and pre-menstruation.  You can therefore potentially plan to conceive or use this knowledge as a way to avoid unwanted pregnancy. Cycle tracking forms the basis for natural conception.




Awakening self-knowledge

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Cycle tracking can be a doorway to greater self-knowledge and this is perhaps the greatest – though largely unrecognised – gift of all. The more you pay attention to not just physical changes but emotional and energetic changes that happen to you each month the more intimately connected to yourself and your inner rhythms you will become. You may discover recurring themes such as higher energy and creativity before ovulation and increased tiredness and sensitivity prior to menstruation.


As you understand your cyclical experience better, you can begin to plan and flow with your life energies more responsively. You will increase self knowledge and feel more in control of your life.


To learn more about the cycle and why it is important to get to know it better, we recommend the book: Wild Power by Alexandra Pope and Sjanie Hugo to discover the Magic of Your Menstrual Cycle and Awaken the Feminine Path to Power



In the words of the authors Alexandra Pope and Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer : “The menstrual cycle is a vital and vitalizing system in the female body, yet our understanding of and respect for this process is both limited and distorted. Few women really know about the physiology of their cycle, and many do not see it as an integral part of their health and wellbeing, let alone as a potential guide to emotional and spiritual empowerment.

As a woman, you are coded for power, and the journey to realizing the fullness and beauty of that power – your Wild Power – lies in the rhythm and change of your menstrual cycle.”



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