Eco Femme – a Flower of Auroville

Eco Femme cloth pads and menstrual programs have attracted curiosity and attention from many people around the world. How did it start?  Where did the idea originate? Why did two foreigners end [...]


Meet the ambassador: Tanvi

It was a first for me when girls were paraded around almost in a walk of shame, simply because of a stain.  It was a first for me when we were applauded about talking in whispers about Stayfree [...]


Pads for Sisters programme

  Did you know that with every pad you buy, you contribute to subsidising the price of pads sold to economically disadvantaged women in India?   Our Pads for Sisters programme was [...]


What Michaela did last summer…

  Our ambassador, Michaela shared with us her experiences of promoting sustainable menstruation over the summer in Sweden. Our thanks to Michaela for sharing and if you’re inspired by [...]



A cloth pad revolution is the enterprise’s dream, But who are the individuals behind the Eco Femme team? Let us begin with Kathy, for the group she co-christened, Take her wise advice to [...]


From our ambassador, Johanna.

We love to see how our ambassadors are getting on and wanted to share with you an event that our ambassador, Johanna, attended a few weeks back. Thanks for sharing Johanna! <3 I want to share [...]

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