From the 1st – 28th May (Menstrual Hygiene Day) we participated in #ThePadEffect campaign lead by Feminism In India (FII) to create more awareness about the harmful effects of disposable, plastic menstrual products and the benefits of switching to sustainable options.

Joining us in the campaign were fellow cloth pad producing organisations UGER and Shomota, menstrual cup producers, She Cup and Boondh as well as biodegradable disposable pad producers Saathi. We loved joining forces with these fellow leading Indian brands and felt it showed a comradeship and willingness to look beyond competition in the market but rather, to see the greater cause we all work for.

Here, we collect the articles and media produced in this campaign as a useful resource. Our thanks to everyone who collaborated, participated and supported this campaign with a special “thank you” to Japleen of FII for all her hard work. The campaign may be over but #ThePadEffect continues!

Campaign Homepage

Article 1 – How Cloth Pads Changed My Life

Article 2 – The “Tradition” Behind Menstrual Taboos

Article 3 – The Politics Of Sanitary Waste

Article 4 – Plastic Sanitary Pads (Hindi)

Article 5 – Where Is This Magical Place Where All Of Our Sanitary Waste Goes?

Article 6 – Know Your Alternative Menstrual Products

Article 7 – The Journey Of Menstrual Hygiene Management In India

Article 8 – The Government Thinks Women Need Sindoor More Than Sanitary Napkins

Article 9 – Is Menstrual Blood Really Impure? A Scientific Take On Myths & Facts Of Menstrual Discharge

Article 10 – How To Bleed Sustainably – Anywhere And Everywhere

Article 11 – From Plastic To Banana Fibre: How Biodegradable Pads Were Born






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