Making the switch…Parul

Mar 16, 2016 | Blog, Making the switch

Eco Femme supporter Parul shares her story…
Parul blogI was fortunate enough to have parents who didn’t consider menstruation a taboo and I could freely talk about it at home. Moreover, at school, we had an orientation programme for the same to acquaint young girls about safe menstrual practices. Not surprisingly, it was only for girls, the only benefit being the fact that our mothers were invited too and it turned out to be a great discussion.


“As much as these events naturalised menstruation for me, I, like many others, was unaware of the grave consequences of using disposable pads. What lead me to research about alternatives?”


Firstly, I did feel a certain amount of discomfort while wearing one of those disposable pads at times and that’s when my mother lightly mentioned how they used cloth in their youth during periods. Secondly, disposable cloth pads are not affordable for everyone. Hence, most women who work as domestic help are forced to skip work during their periods.


Thereby, I found Eco Femme and it undoubtedly answered my queries. I am using these cloth pads for a couple of months now and I’m fully satisfied. I wish to continue my collaboration with Eco Femme and make more women aware of a healthier and natural alternative along with providing underprivileged women with subsidized pads.


Personally, I loved the cloth pads and I honestly won’t use disposables ever again. I even wrote an article about it on my blog and continue telling about its benefits to anyone who listens!