Jane’s Magical Menstrual Tour Q&A

Apr 25, 2016 | Blog, Education

We caught up Jane, one of our ambassadors from Woman’s Wheel, about what makes a ‘menstrual pilgrim’ go to a country she knows no-one on a Magical Menstrual Tour’…


When did you first come up with the idea of the tour?

Hahaha no surprises here, it came to me during my bleed(!) one September day. It was particularly warm, and sunny enough to lie in the grass outside our little cottage in Wales. I was gently pondering and dreaming to myself, imagining unexplored lands far and near and feeling utter love for menstrual cycle work. Then the idea just came, and in a heart-beat I know it was something I would DO.


How are you going to get around?

Buses, trains, cars, on foot… but probably not on bicycles (I can’t be trusted and have already had far too many bicycle-related escapades – none good!) Though I am hugely inspired by Sustainable Cycles who travel enormous distances in the USA solely by pedal-power, giving out menstrual cups!


Where are you visiting?

For the Eastern Leg of the tour I am visiting New York, Boston, Philadelphia Washington and Atlantic City meeting fellow menstrual activists doulas students and wonder-women! In the Western Leg I am heading North from L.A to Seattle via San Francisco, Portland and probably many more places – all to be confirmed:) It’s amazing, the response and the overwhelming invitations to crash at women’s places, share knowledge, and meet their friends just shows the need for this work in our society.


What is your first event?

Well I’m teaming up with Sarah and Ruby of Sustainable Cycles and Diandra (a fellow Eco-Femme ambassador) who set up an amazing organization called UnTabooed in New York to speak at a local venue. I feel privileged and utterly happy to join these wonderful people!



Jane and the Eco Femmes during her visit in 2014

Why do you think it’s so important to spread the message of eco-activism and the use of cloth pads?

Menstruation can be empowering – we can change the world by helping the environment one pad/cup at a time. By supporting organisations like EcoFemme we can help people who menstruate do it with dignity. We can support local women. We can support our own body in its health. We don’t have to support huge corporations with their polluting products. There are so many reasons why alternatives to disposables are a good idea!


Tell us a bit about your own menstrual journey.

An unbelievable transformation over 4 years from crippling menstrual pain and devastating PMT using scented disposables working in a male-dominated and quite unforgiving environment (working at height and in confined spaces) to a menstrual pilgrim happy to travel to the USA with my collection of cloth pads! Wow, huh?


Why have you chosen America?

I felt a connectedness with the States; the people, the land. The sense of open-ness and enthusiasm, diversity, and the wealth of menstrual activism already taking place there. I was drawn to my American sisters!


What are your other interests outside of menstrual activism?

I’m interested in red tents, how nutrition/food relates to menstruation, mindfulness and menstruation…. Oh you said OUTSIDE of menstrual activism, right? Well I love the sun, walking, anything bright and fun, rainbow food, yoga/eastern philosophy, reading, experimenting with food, eco-houses, homoeopathy, massage… so much I could go on forever!!!


How can people get in touch with you?

Easy – email me on womanswheel@gmail.com  any time, J 🙂