Dec 5, 2016 | Blog, Eco Femme

A cloth pad revolution is the enterprise’s dream,

But who are the individuals behind the Eco Femme team?

Let us begin with Kathy, for the group she co-christened,

Take her wise advice to your problems, as to them, she will have listened.

Alongside her, Jessamijn, with cuddles, kisses, and cheer,

Without all of her love, the profits would be mere.

Likened to the Dutchy, there is pragmatic Mel,

French, fit, and healthy, she makes the pads sell.

Harishini too, has energy abound,

She is where endless chatter will be found.

Some Eco Femme mornings feel a little bit slow,

As Valli is out of the office, as is her glow.

Unforgettable Lakshmi, who should be employed there forever,

Because she is so kind – and very, very clever.

The sweet voice of this ensemble are Laura and Ari, her child,

She rocks the social media whilst he is going wild.

Every great organisation needs a symbol, of course,

Which brings us to Jeevan, the super-cute force.

Similarly fundamental are the three Goddesses that check every pad,

Sudha, Ramani, and Vasuki make the customers glad.

Stephanie and Kalvi are a dynamic duo of fun,

Making mischief, going to Pondy, making sure post is done.

Pavi calculates and organises the success of the group,

With a smile she keeps all the girls in the loop.

As Eco Femme make nappies, it continues to grow,

And the excitement makes playful Manaasi not want to go.

Underestimated Queens, Dakshiyani and Sunda create the food,

Delicious energy to keep them, the team, in a good mood.

There are plenty of others who contribute to this joy,

Meera is one of them, and they once had Nick – the token boy,

So thank you, revolution individuals, for letting me stay,

Hopefully this concludes my gratitude on my last day!


Ecofemmetastic by Hannah Whelan (Eco Femme volunteer – second on right)