What Michaela did last summer…

Dec 12, 2016 | Blog, Eco Femme


Our ambassador, Michaela shared with us her experiences of promoting sustainable menstruation over the summer in Sweden. Our thanks to Michaela for sharing and if you’re inspired by Michaela’s work in sharing Eco Femme and discussing sustainable menstruation and would like to get involved, take a look at our ambassador network and see if you might like to join us!


During the last summer I went on a festival tour with the organisation Sofia. We were discussing both the environment and human rights but we put a big focus on discussions about Eco Femme, periods, pads, menstrual cups and the overall taboo surrounding menstruation. We used Eco Femme’s “Make Your Own” kit but also we bought our own fabrics in different cool colours and prints and had “Pimp Your Pad” evenings!pastedImage

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This summer festival tour gave me so much through wonderful meetings with awesome like minded people. One of my favorite memories from the tour was actually when a mother and her daughter came to our tent because the little girl, maybe 5 years old, wanted to sew her own pad. We had such a nice time sewing pads together and sharing our opinions and experiences. In the end the girl said “I want to put pearls on mine!!”. So we all ended up making pads with pearls. Because…why not have pearls on the pads?


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Michaela stitching a pad outside her tent whilst on a festival tour in the summer.