Eco Femme in Ladakh

From 5th – 20th July 2017, Kathy Walking, Nikethana Venkatesan and Mamta Kandari represented Eco Femme, Auroville on a visit to Zanskar Valley, Ladakh in collaboration with Roots [...]


Spanish week

*Our newest volunteer, Ximena, is from Argentina…so we decided to have a Spanish week! She shares her personal experiences below. Stay tuned over on our social media all week to learn [...]


GST – what does it mean?

by Laura O’Connell   You may have heard the acronym ‘GST’ being used extensively over the past month or so, especially if you live here in India. Goods and Services Tax [...]


#ThePadEffect Campaign

From the 1st – 28th May (Menstrual Hygiene Day) we participated in #ThePadEffect campaign lead by Feminism In India (FII) to create more awareness about the harmful effects of disposable, [...]


Comical Menstrual Music

Need a laugh? Want to learn the benefits of menstrual cups? Curious about what menopause is? Check out these humourous, melodious messages!   Lena D – Period Piece:   Tampon vs [...]

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