Make The Switch… Natasha

Eco Femme Communications Manager, Natasha, shares her story on switching to sustainable menstrual products for better health. Periods have always carried a negative connotation in my head, [...]


Making the Switch…Jharna

Eco Femme ambassador, Jharna, shares her story on switching to sustainable menstrual products and becoming a menstrual health educator. I have always had a decent, mildly painful, only 5 day long [...]


Making the Switch…Frederique

  For our French campaign this week, ‘Du Rouge Au Vert’ – Eco Femme ambassador and retailer, Frédérique shares her making the switch story in French (English translation [...]

10 reasons to switch to cloth pads

1. They’re lovely and soft against your skin so you hardly feel like you’re wearing a pad. 2. They’re flexible so they mould to the curve of your body and move with you. 3. There’s no sticky [...]


Making the Switch…Kavya

Kavya Menon, a biotechnology graduate from IIT Madras, worked with rural communities to understand the need for menstrual hygiene, addressed taboos and introduced simple home remedies during her [...]


Making the switch…Melanie

Former Eco Femme team member, Melanie, shares her story with us. Merci Melanie! 🙂 It’s been a while now that I promised my colleague Laura I’d sit down and tell my story on switching [...]


Making the switch…Yael

  Our ambassador in Israel, Yael shares her making the switch story… Well, the first time I got to know this beautiful idea, was during the time I was a nature activist. I volunteered [...]


Making the switch…Hattie

One of our UK ambassadors, Hattie, shares her making the switch story. Thanks Hattie! My journey into making the switch from disposable to reusable sanitary products began with a desire to cut [...]


Making the switch…Kathy

Eco Femme co-founder Kathy shares her making the switch story… When I moved to India to live in Auroville 18 years ago, one of the first things that I found myself having to contend with [...]

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